The most effective method to Play Bongo Drums_ Begin Today

The bongo drums are a tool that came from West Africa, nonetheless it transformed basic worldwide, especially in Latin songs. They do not appear to be only satisfying gadgets, nevertheless they’re in addition relatively basic to play.

The bongos are usually placed in between your knees as well as done by striking the drum’s head together with your hand as well as fingers, with alternate methods of strokes creating entirely various audios.

When you’ve ever before puzzled properly to play bongo drums or whether they had actually been most definitely worth the financing in cash as well as time, discover on!

Rookie’s details to bongos

They show up in sets as well as are constructed of a huge picket drum covering on prime as well as a slim drum head, which is extended over the covering as well as might be loosened up or tightened up with secures to tweak the noise.

The larger drum is called the hembra (womanly), as well as the smaller sized one is called the aggressive (male). You perhaps can discover to play bongo drums with a bit little of observe as well as a couple of very easy instructions.

Action 1

Play bongo drums in a cushty location.

Sit upright on a chair or feces together with your toes level on the ground as well as your arms hanging freely at your sides.

The bongos should be hing on prime of your knees, with the larger drum externally as well as the smaller sized drum on the within.

Action 2

Put your hands over the bongos.

Your left hand should more than the aggressive, as well as your appropriate hand should more than the hembra.

Your hands should encounter each other, as well as your fingertips should leisure flippantly on prime of every drumhead.

Action 3

Strike every drumhead using an unique a component of your hand. Strike each drumheads right away by immediate down tough on every head together with your fingers unravel apart so that every one of them reach the top right away.

You perhaps can strike the drum in the middle of the leading or on the sting. All of it will certainly rely on the noise that you actually desire from it. If you would certainly such as a extra open as well as reverberating noise, it’s finest to utilize the facility a component of your hand as well as location it in the middle of the drumhead.

If you would certainly such as a extra fragile as well as verbalize noise, after that it’s finest to utilize additional of the aspect of your hand as well as struck nearer to the sting of the drumhead.

Beginning to consist of all these different points—the method which you strike, the location you strike, as well as the method quickly or gradually—right into an everyday example. Don’t be afraid an extreme quantity of regarding making mistakes right below—just have satisfying!

Bongo drums symbols

If you desire to discover to play bongo drums, you’ll intend to regard the tone symbols.

The symbols is relatively very easy, as well as it stands for the basic strokes that generate entirely various audios:

Mute strike: slapping the sting of the drum with one hand whereas weakening the put with the contrary. Open up strike: hanging the bongo drum’s side to give an open reverberating tone. Heel: hanging the drum together with your thumb, driving right into the drum. Toe: shaking your hand to strike the drum with the fingers on the alternate aspect of your hand.

Allow’s research additional in relation to the main strokes you ought to make use of to strike your bongos.

Main strokes on bongo drums

While you discover to play bongo drums, you might explore main strokes.

Open up tone stroke

Strike the sting of the drum together with your hand. Allow your fingers jump off the drum’s head. Transfer your fingers up and down, 4 inches from the drum’s center, trying out entirely various audios.

Main soft tone

This stroke is much like the open tone stroke, nevertheless you allow your fingers on the drum’s head after you strike the drum. Hold your hands loosened up, as well as move them just achievable. You require to listen to a truly mild noise of your fingers hanging the top.


Mug your fingers hardly as well as strike the top of the drum, making a louder understand with additional color as well as capacity. Relax your fingers after the call with the drum as well as allow them to jump off the top, making a standing out noise with a much better pitch.

Heel-toe movement

Place your hand on the drum’s head. Rock up and down, switching over the stroke in between the heel of your hand as well as the pointer of your fingers. Hold your hand included with the drum’s head regularly throughout this stroke.

Martillo example

The Martillo example is a balanced example made use of in several alternate kind of songs, considerably in songs that involves bongos.

This might be Latin songs, jazz, rock, etc. This example is called the “Martillo” or “hammer” as an outcome of it seems like a hammer striking an anvil.

It’s a rather usual groove that each novices as well as professionals can utilize to get involved in the appearance of appreciating bongos. It has 8 different strokes as well as is a one-bar example that’s duplicated.

The appropriate hand highlights the main as well as 3rd beats, with a crisp, soft noise performed on the extreme bongo.

The left hand loads within the rhythm by turning sidewards with the thumb as well as fingers (heel-toe movement); the thumb smothers the right-hand strokes. Open up audios are done specifically on 2 as well as 4 on the extreme as well as reduced bongo.

Putting your bongo right away within the center (as a choice of near the borders) will certainly allow you to confiscate a well-off noise that makes it basic to have fun with power as well as accuracy.


When you obtained below right below to discover to play bongo drums, we wish you currently are equipped with the basics. To complete, holding the bongos in between your knees as you rest on a chair is usually an exceptional location to start.

Succeeding, aim striking the drum together with your hand as well as fingers in diverse techniques—you’ll be surprised at what variety of entirely various audios you might develop.

The crucial strokes on bongos are open tone stroke, main soft tone, put, as well as heel-toe movement. Look into the Martillo example, which is basic among “bongoceros” (bongo drum players.) And also finally, allow your imagination flow, as well as take advantage of the well-off rhythms of this exceptional tool.