How F_cked Up’s Mike Haliechuk wrote and recorded his guitar parts for the band’s new album in 24 hours – and why he gave up participating in chords halfway by

One Day technically marks the first time Fucked Up’s Mike Haliechuk was able to write and report the guitar beds for an album in 24 hours. That’s to not say the founding guitarist and compositional mastermind for the experimental hardcore act hadn’t made the attempt to date.

“Successfully, I try to jot down an album every single day of my life,” he tells Guitar World over Zoom, “nevertheless no – principally I merely sit spherical for 3 years [before I] get into the studio and do all of it truly shortly.”

Once more on the tail end of 2019, Haliechuk went into Toronto’s Candle Recording Studio for a trio of eight-hour durations with no set goal in ideas, nevertheless in the end received right here up with a rich, ten-song amalgam of bruising punk spirit, high-gloss boogies, and treble-spangled heartland rock. As quickly as he wrapped the guitar durations, he handed the recordings spherical to his bandmates, who tracked their contributions beneath comparable, time-restricted circumstances.

All through a 20-year career, Fucked Up have explored quite a few themes, whether or not or not that’s been threading the fictional character of David by a lot of of their albums, or producing a set of EPs honoring the Chinese language language zodiac. On a sonic entrance, One Day’s thematic cohesion comes proper right down to Haliechuk’s newfound love of an outdated Boss octave pedal, the guitarist’s punk hooks now principally avoiding standard chord work in favor of elaborately pitch-shifted, single-note layering.

“Halfway by recording, it was like, why am I even using guitar chords? They didn’t sound as heavy. That truly affected the songwriting. I was writing songs based mostly totally on all these groovy one-note melodies.”

Speaking with Guitar World, Haliechuk will get into time administration, his ever-shrinking pedalboard, the unending attraction of beatdown hardcore, and further.

Writing and recording your guitar parts all through 24 hours seems further modest in scope than most Fucked Up themes, however moreover harder in observe. First off, how did you hit on the conceit of One Day?

“It had taken ages to do the ultimate two knowledge [2014’s Glass Boys and 2018’s Dose Your Dreams], and I was turning into uninterested in spending 5 years throughout the studio. It was merely chopping the fat, and seeing what was beneath all the pretense of fucking spherical with tracks. It was an affordable method of doing points, time-wise. It nonetheless ended up taking a really very long time [to finish the album] after recording had been completed, nevertheless it certainly was good to have a model new drawback.”

After we’re talking 24 hours, have been you locked throughout the studio for a literal full day whereas choosing up the guitar, writing, discovering a tone and all that?

“It was three durations, spherical eight hours each. It was merely me and an engineer. We received right here in and organize two Fender DeVilles and obtained a tone. As quickly as we hit report, that’s when the writing started. I didn’t can be found in with any riffs, so the participating in truly was restricted to 24 hours. After which I didn’t determine up a guitar the rest of the [time], as we now have been mixing and arranging.”

Had the DeVille already been your go-to amp?

“Everyone knows our method throughout the DeVilles, and they also’ve been on most Fucked Up knowledge over the earlier 10 years. We now have 4 or 5 DeVilles that we use on tour, [and] in a session I’ll use two of those in a tiny room. I don’t take into consideration tone loads, because of lots of that’s accessible in submit. As long as it’s loud, and the amps are interacting with each other in a creamy method, I don’t get too fussy about discovering the suitable tone.”

Fucked Up perform onstage on the Heavy Montreal Competitors on August 10, 2014 in Montreal, Canada (Image credit score rating: Mark Horton/Getty Photos)

What monitor started off the durations?

“The first monitor [Found]. I was getting my palms warmed up with a B chord on the bottom of the neck, and I was shifting my index finger up and down, like B to A. And that was the riff! I constructed it out from there. I imagine we had a monitor inside 45 minutes.”

Have been you inserting each different objects of medication to work throughout the session?

“I used to be a little bit little bit of a gearhead – procuring for lots of pedals and making an attempt out completely completely different sounds – nevertheless it certainly’s gotten streamlined by way of the years. I don’t like having an infinite pedal setup on stage, and I don’t like having to carry a pedal area by the airport. Over the previous 5 years I’ve whittled it proper right down to a delay pedal and a wah pedal onstage, nevertheless further simply these days I’ve been taking the wah pedal out and altering it with an octave pedal.

“That’s the main report the place I was truly hitting that octave pedal. I was discovering that I was [playing] a lot much less chords, [but] setting up chords with notes on the octave pedal.

“After which for my guitar, I’ve a Les Paul Studio that weighs 100 kilos – I imagine it’s given me excessive once more points. We use to have a great deal of SGs, nevertheless their necks would break onstage or on airplanes, so now I merely play this extraordinarily thick, sustaining Les Paul Studio.”

Going once more to the octave pedal, the report’s Roar is an efficient occasion of the best way you’re setting up out chords with layers of octaves.

“I don’t bear in mind what it’s often called – probably counterpoint – nevertheless [I’m] assembling chords from explicit individual strains. You can’t truly play chords down low on the octave pedal. It seems like garbage. Nonetheless I’m so used to doing guitar overdubs anyhow that I might offer you a riff and play it with one finger on one string, after which I’d do the equivalent issue on the fifth. I’d be making up all these difficult harmonies with [layers of single] guitar notes. So, a great deal of the songwriting ended up being that.”

What octave pedal have been you using?

“It’s merely whatever the Boss octave pedal is.”

Shifting into just a few of the music on the album, I Suppose I Might Be Weird is a charming piece. You play these jubilant, rising three-note guitar harmonies on the end of each line throughout the verses, and one factor about the easiest way they vibrate has them sounding like Emotions-era Mariah Carey.

“Even sooner than we knew straightforward strategies to jot down songs, we now have been good at growing with these micro guitar licks. We weren’t making motifs or setting up songs, nevertheless we’d make up a little bit of three discover guitar issue – even our first 7-inch had just a few these. We’d always base them on truly simplistic points you’ll be able to do on the extreme strings – Police [the band’s 2003 single] is solely based mostly totally on this truly easy-to-play couplet.

“I don’t know, that monitor sounds similar to the Damned to me: barely baroque, nevertheless gritty punk. After which we now have been taking a minute to see the place Jonah [Falco, the band’s drummer] could plop on some vocals. Jonah has an excellent falsetto.”

With the time constraint in ideas, have been there any moments the place a monitor was taking too prolonged so that you simply wanted to switch on to the next observe to take care of tempo?

“I didn’t come into it being like, ‘I wish to present a whole report.’ It was further, ‘let me see what I can do.’ I didn’t have a goal that I’ll stray from; it was an open issue. I imagine we ended up with 16 achieved songs. There’s a 10-song report, a bunch of B-sides, and a pair songs that weren’t sufficient to utilize.”

There’s a novel form of brightness to the guitars on Cicada, the monitor you’re singing lead on. What do you bear in mind about making this one?

“I was positively going for a novel vibe on that monitor. It stands proud: it’s all chords; it’s at a slower tempo, a novel form of urgency. I wanted it to be further somber – you notice, the monitor is about shedding your mates. I didn’t want to take care of that monitor as part of this sonic experiment. I didn’t want people to take heed to that and be like, ‘Oh, that is part of some hokey trick that Fucked Up did.’ I wanted it to be a monitor by itself, which served a novel operate.”

Do you’re fearful that people assume that Fucked Up are merely performing some hokey trick, or that each report is the band shifting onto the next gimmick?

“I don’t concern about it, nevertheless I do know that’s an element. It’s merely part of being on this band.

“It’s not like we sit spherical at a desk and offer you gimmicky knowledge. It’s like an OCD issue, needing to file away my inventive expression in these patterns, or 12-record assortment [the band’s long-running Chinese zodiac 12″ series]. Paintings [can] come out of people in an odd method.”

Late closing 12 months, you moreover launched the Oberon EP, a loads darker report than One Day. How prolonged did that one take to make?

“That was by way of the primary break throughout the pandemic [where] you might go and do stuff as soon as extra. I booked the equivalent place in Toronto, Candle Recording Studio, for two or three days and, as soon as extra, I didn’t have any ideas. I received right here up with 15 horrible demos, and other people three or 4 songs [on Oberon] are what have been usable. It took a while to craft them into songs.

“It’s not that it’s jokey, nevertheless that’s an unserious report – merely as a result of how over-the-top important it’s purporting to be. Thematically, I merely wished these to be re-conceived fairy tales; me and Jonah and Damian [Abraham, the band’s vocalist] each wrote a few mythological character for a monitor; there’s a zombie-looking man on the quilt. That’s a funnier report, for me, than One Day.”

In case you fell in love with the octave pedal whereas making One Day, was there the identical experience whereas making Oberon? There’s a reasonably explicit fuzz streaming by these 4 songs, as an illustration…

“I imagine it was the exact same setup. It’s merely that the songwriting is further menacing, and there are some further aggressive synths on it. Guitar-wise, it’s the equivalent. Two Fenders. Comparable room. Comparable pedals. Solely a completely completely different intention: to make it sound evil.”

Damian Abraham “mingles” with the gang all through a Fucked Up effectivity at Governors Ball on June 8, 2013 in New York Metropolis (Image credit score rating: Brad Barket/Getty Photos/SKYY Vodka)

It’s arguably the heaviest Fucked Up report, working with a darker form of hardcore than you’ve got to date.

“After I used to be coming into into punk as a teen, that’s what a great deal of hardcore bands appeared like. Me and Damian have been coming into into what’s often known as beatdown hardcore – bands like Hatebreed.

“That was a gateway to heavier music with a bit of additional nuance. We’d get the Victory Data sampler, which had stuff like Integrity and Bloodlet – suburban music that wasextremely evil and heavy-sounding. And then you definately definately get into stuff like His Hero Is Gone, Crossed Out, or Copout, or Neurosis. Stuff that’s actually weird and menacing. Like there’s this band Kiss It Goodbye, and I’d take heed to their report 5 events a day, merely on a tape. That’s the stuff I favored as soon as I used to be a toddler.”

Is there space in a Fucked Up set to journey between a dismal monitor like Oberon and other people happier objects like I Suppose I Might Be Weird?

“I suggest, you can too make one thing work collectively [laughs]. Within the summertime we carried out Strix [off Oberon] into David Entails Life [off 2006’s Hidden World]. We did that all summer season. Oberon is heavy and sluggish, nevertheless Strix is weirder. It’s truly manic.”

It’s been nearly three years, now, since you jumped into the studio to report your parts for One Day. The place are you at with writing newer Fucked Up songs in the meanwhile? Has that session galvanized you in route of creating music relatively extra shortly?

“I counted it out the alternative day, and I’ve 9 or ten sides [of music] which might be at different ranges of [completion]. Assorted duties, nevertheless principally for Fucked Up. They’re kicking spherical slowly.”